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Strumming Pattern

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Hey Guys,

I've just learnt the chords for Take That - Back For Good. The thing is, I have no idea about the strumming pattern or how long each chord is supposed to be played.
Also, if I have a capo on the third fret, how do I play Bm and Bm/A?
So, if anyone knows the strumming pattern & the general timings it would be much appreciated. :]


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Bm/A is an alternate bass note chord, if the guitar were uncapoed it would be x04432 and for Bm it would be x24432 when you capo it, you just imagine that the capo is the nut (white thingy) on the guitar so the Bm/A = Dm/C and the Bm = Dm.

as for your question of where to put the chord, the best thing to do is to take the song try and sing it from memory, then listen for when the chord your playing doesnt fit what you're singing, then try the next chord and so on. strumming patterns you get by listening carefully and copying what you hear. they will never be exact, but they will be close enough.