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Strumming Pattern for Redemption Song

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I was wondering if anyone had a strumming pattern or any helpful hints for "redemption song" by Bob Marley?

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Learn from the man himself. You can hear the strum throughout and see how he does it at various parts of the video.

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I put this one up quite some time ago and on the last page there is a link to a video lesson including all strumming

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I think Bob varies the patterns during the song, anyway a good starting point is playing dd/dd/dd/dd with slightly muted strings. Also use the fingers instead of a pick...
Otherwise you could play a fingepicked version of the song with a simple pimi patter (twice for each measure)



p.s. I enclose you the link to an excellent tutorial page where you can also find teh right chords for the song,%20Bob%20-%20Redempton%20Song.htm