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The Fools - Tabs or Chords

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Hi All- not sure if this right place to ask but, I'm hoping someone can tab out a few songs for me by the fools. I'm very new to guitar playing and have many chords and power chords undrer my fingers but I do not have the ears yet.

I have the songs (MP3's) and would gladly send them to you (i know you would like them).

You can get in touch by email or here for that matter

My email is [email protected]

Thank you all

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are you talking about the guys that did Mutual of Omaha and Psychockicken (what the pluck!)?

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Yes those are the fellows.. BTW sorry for not responding sooner. If you know of any Tabs I would love to see them and as I stated I have 26 MP3's of this band.

Thank You

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Not wishing to labour a point, but if the music is still under copyright, and you send anybody an mp3, you're liable for copyright theft - and it doesn't matter where you got the mp3 in the first place.

Somehow, www dot guitaretab dot com seems to have avoided being hit by the vultures.

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also ultimate-guitar still has tabs

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