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Trinity guitar exams

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to know the difference between Trinity Rock and Pop guitar and Trinity guitar exam books. Is one better than the other. Is rock and pop just a niche book. will the usual book have all the styles and genres in it. it would be a big help if you guys can lead me in the right direction.

my interests are rock and pop. so u might think that would be my obvious choice. but, the thing is i don't want to miss out on the any thing extra that would be there in the other book.

thank you guys.

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There is a mahoosive difference:

The Guitar exams are for classical guitar. You will need to be able to read music and play some from sight in the exam room that you've never seen before.

Trinity Rock is the best thing to happen to guitar tuition since sliced yoghurt. All my electric guitar students study this music and take these exams which use songs you'll hear on the radio. I know drum tutors who use Trinity Rock too. Trinity Rock uses a dual format of standard notation and tablature.

Trinity also does a "plectrum guitar" syllabus. I don't know anybody who's ever looked at it.

ABRSM do classical guitar exams only

LCM (where I got mine) do classical, acoustic and rock guitar exams. My top students take LCM classical guitar exams.

There's also "Rockschool" - don't bother; they're no longer valid since they lost the Trinity College validation.

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