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well, ive got anoth...
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well, ive got another one figured out thanks to you all !..

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its in regards to the notes. Ive learned all the notes on the fret board!! Well, at least the open ones and the sharps, and im understanding what notes start on from the nut on. IE: low E after that starts F then F sharp, G then G sharp on back to the 12th fret, and on down through the first string. IE: high E string then F then F sharp G then G sharp etc etc on and on.

Then the notes that are only one, IE: E and B, i hope ive gaven my description correct to you so you know what im talking about.

Im just working on the sharps now, However, if you randomly played a note i couldnt tell you quickly what it was..... you all know what i mean? LOL