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What do I need to record songs on my pc?

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I've been browsing the hear here forum section a bit and I am intrigued by how it is possible to actually make songs.
What I am a bit confused about though is what is needed for pc recording as there are multiple usb-guitar input devices, amp simulators and whatnot. Thomann has marketed some cheap USB device (which granted does not get great reviews but I think thats mostly the software) and caught my attention:

So if I would buy this or a similar product, would I be able to record on my PC with no additional hardware required? And is there some good affordable software for virtual amplification, recording and editing?


Edit: Just found there is also a subforum dedicated to recording, my bad...

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Just because I actually want to offer a semi helpful response for once...

I only need three things to record to my computer

1) My guitar
2) a cheap ($20) microphone that plugs into the audio in port
3) Audacity recording software. It's freeware that works really well for amateur recordings. You can download the program here:


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Thomann! Great site! It is not very usual here at GN but you always can find some references there.

Your question. Probably it will not the best quality system but it can do the work for 29€. A 24 bit converter and the usual bitrate. It is basically an external audio card with an input for guitars. It seems it also includes the software you are asking for. Try to review the features in the M-Audio page. An important issue is the conversion speed and if it the device (or the drivers) adds a delay.

Some people also recomends the Fast Track USB, another product of this brand (there are links in left side of the previous page). I saw good reviews on the Line6 Toneport, too (there is a link in your page).

I have the Audio Kontrol 1:

Basically, it is similar to the Fast Track but also includes a phantom power for condenser mics and three software packages. Sometimes I use it for recording my electric guitar but I use mainly for the mic. And sometimes just as a good external sound card for listening DVD's.

As I said, your product can do the work but perhaps it is interesting a better device with better specs and more options for the future, if you can afford it. Usually I try to optimize my purchases, and if I could use something in the future (a new option or a better one) I'd try to buy just once. I mean, you can buy the JamLab now and another device in a couple of months because you can add a new instrument, mic or something, or simply you want a better quality for the recordings.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for the replies!
I will look into those USB devices further then, as they would be perfect for my laptop + cheap guitar for recording simple things.

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If you use a recording program that allows VST plugins you can download tons of free amp sims, effects, drumcomputers and such. I believe Kristal is a free DAW that supports it, try googling it.

And welcome, a forum can never have too many Dutch members. :P

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I have a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card with an external breakout box. The breakout box is just an input/output box. I can't remember how much it was, but it was cheap and you can buy a used one for really cheap. I also have a Sony mic that I picked up for about $120, but you can get a really cheap one from Radio Shack or something that will work well. And, like dl0571 said in a previous post, Audacity works well and it's free.

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I just started recording at the beginning of the summer. I have an Alesis Multimix 8 USB mixer that I use as a sound card. It also comes with Cubase LE, which is absolutely AWESOME. the mixer is great because i can have several instruments plugged into it at once (i.e. my guitar, microphone, bass, etc..). It also has very good sound quality. I recently made a demo cd with it, and everyone was really surprised that I made it in my basement.

You can get the USB mixer with cubase almost anywhere for $150. they also make a firewire version.

have fun