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Easy Barre Chord Song - One More Cup of Coffee

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Mac - Don't feel bad.
I know lots of Dylan fans that have overlooked the Desire album.

The White Stripes version of this has brought it some recognition.

I haven't found it too difficult to sing myself.
It's not a straight strumming pattern though, which could throw some people off.

Sam - Are you talking about singing along while playing or getting that Dylan sound????

You're right, it is hard to get it to sound good just singing out with it.
You really need to tune in to that Dylanesque voice.
I usually have to go through the song once, and my voice gets Dylanized around the last verse.
Usually on the word 'Write' in the line - "You never learned to read or write, there's no books upon your shelf"

On a side note -
A guitar playing friend of mine came up from Chicago for the week.
He brought his Martin acoustic, and his Bongo playing son as well as his Harmonica playing son.
We've been having a wonderful time going through some old songs.

Since this gem was brought back to my attention (ThankX Iraesq!!!! :D ),
We played it a couple times.
It was thourougly enjoyed by all. :D
(I wish there was someone to play the finger cymbals )


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Glad people are enjoying it. IMO, it's kind of a Dylan buried treasure that gets overlooked, and indeed, it was overlooked by this board for more than a year :D . As I've progressed since I posted it, I'm messed around with different tempos, strumming and picking combinations and short leads. It's a fun song to experiment with.

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