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Memory Pain-Johnny ...
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Memory Pain-Johnny Winter

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This just's standard 12-bar so I didn't think chords were needed.
Winter's version from "Second Winter" was played in C.

Memory Pain, composed by Percy Mayfield, 1952

Verse 1 :

Serve me right to suffer,
Serve me right to be alone, (Hey, to be alone.)
Lawd, serve me right to suffer,
Oh, serve me right to be alone,(Hey, to be alone.)
You know I'm still livin' with a memory,
Of the days that's passed and gone,
The days that's passed and gone.

Verse 2 :

Every time I see a woman,
Hey, hey, it make me think of mine.
Oh, every time I see a woman,
Oh, it make me think of mine, (Make me think of mine);
But the way she treat me,
Lawd, I just can't keep from cryin',
I can't keep from cryin'.

Instrumental break over verse :

Verse 3 :

When I get home in the evenin',
Hey, hey, my woman would be gone (Yes, she would be gone.)
Oh, when I get home in the evenin',
My old lady would be gone (Oh, she would be gone.)
When I get up in the mornin',
Her lights would just be coming home.
Just be coming home.

Instrumental break over verse :

Repeat Verse 1 :

As recorded by Johnny Winter.
Columbia Album 9477 “Second Winter” 1969

"A child of five could understand this...send someone to fetch a child of five !"--Groucho Marx

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Got to love Johnny. I like to see of his stuff on here.

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