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I have a Boss CEB3 Bass Chorus,a Boss AW3 Dynamic Wah and a Boss BF3 Flanger.I would like some opinions on what order to put them in or do I have three pedals that shouldn't be used together? Thanks

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No reason they can't be used together. My thought is filter first (the auto wah), modulators later. I'd do wah-flanger-chorus but I know some players do flanger after chorus. They are somewhat related effects, so it may not matter. Ultimately, decide with your ears. That's what I did ... so now I don't use any bass effects!

Kinda miss the chorus though. And the defretter. And the octaver. :sigh:

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Just agreeing w/ slej. I have a wah and chorus (same Boss you have) and have the wah in front of the chorus. Don't have a flanger though. My chain is octave-wah-distortion-chorus-eq-compressor

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+1 on the order, filters first, then modulators

Usually I don't use effects. For some solo stuff (or just for fun) I use an octaver and every now an then a chorus/flanger (mainly the chorus).