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looking for a good tone (hughes and kettner warp 7)

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Hey, I've always played on an acoustic but I recently bought an amp for this old Gibson Les Paul Studio. It's a hughes and kettner warp 7 head and a peavy cab. I'm NO GOOD when it comes to tones, does anyone have any suggestions on how i could get a really good clean/acoustic sound?

Also, my Gibson has two different channels I can switch back and forth between, is it possible to get a relatively clean tone with the switch flipped one way while having a dirtier sound with it flipped to the other?

thanks, DP.

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Since no one else has taken a shot..

Have never played the Kettner but read some reviews. Sounds like the 'overdrive' channel is too much of a beast, at least for clean playing. If your really only looking for a clean sound and semi-dirty sound, I'd just stick to the Clean channel and put a over-drive pedal in your chain. Not like a metal buzz-saw pedal but something smooth, like a Maxon OD-9. That way you can click between clean and your preferred level of dirty.

Here's one from

I use this pedal to play both my Strat and acoustic through my solid-state Roland amp.. sounds beautiful. The dirty can be turned down to just a touch of filth. Here's a rough idea of what it sounds like (though a Tele through a Blues Junior is not a good comparison to a Les Paul through a solid-state :) )

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