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New Toy for OWA

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I figured out what to do with that Digitech Grunge distortion pedal.........replace it with an even better distortion pedal! I actually wanted a Boss DS-2, but they didn't have any. Wes was talking about his Marshall Guv'nor so I tried a Marshall. Loved it so that's what I got. A Marshall Jackhammer. I has a mode knob (to switch from overdrive to distortion) gain and volume, bass and treble, freq and contour. Was looking for some grunge fuzz. Playing around with it, I got a tone that kind of reminded me of Neil Young. Not grunge, but he's close enough. The overdrive and distortion modes don't seem to have a lot of difference. Just the distortion mode has more bass.

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Cool! New toys are always fun. 8) I'm going to have to check out those Marshall pedals too next chance I get. Have fun with it! :D


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I have heard of that pedal. cool OWA.
keep tweaking the knobs. you may find some more stuff in it.
remember, the signal from the guitar should be strong in order for the effect to read all it can.
so turn up.
use the ouput or amp volume to control things.

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Congrats on the new pedal. The day I got the Guvnor I tried several other Marshall pedals as well, I thought they were all very good. I especially like their new compression, chorus (gets other effects too), and reverb. The reverb is one of the best I've ever heard. And the price is pretty reasonable (around $70 US).

Yep, turn those knobs, you will be surprised all the great tones you can get out of a good pedal. :D

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