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robin guthrie

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I'm not a guitarist, but have a question I believe some guitarists might have the answer to. I play a
hammered dulcimer. I have a soundboard pick-up (mfg.- 'Pick Up the World') I have it going thru a Digitech RP100, then thru a Roland Cube amp. (My goal is to have everything portable so I can play it while camping).

I'm a fan of Robin Guthrie (formerly Cocteau Twins). I've seen him play live on several
occasions. He has a laptop computer on stage that he utilizes while performing. I've heard of
musicians having some 'tracks' pre-recorded, then they will play live along with those tracks.
With Robin, it appears that as he begins a piece, he records sections of it live on stage then
programs the computer to keep replaying these 'live' recordings in a loop while he progresses to
playing other parts of the piece; all on the same intrument.

Am I trippin', or is this what he is doing?

Question: If this is what he is doing, do you know of some electonics I could use with my (very
small) set-up that could come close to duplicating this technique? Something other than a laptop;
something that could record and play just a few background tracks while I play the melody along
it? With the devices I do have along with the dulcimer, I've found I'm able to create a 'droning'
effect easily and feel that if I could obtain the technology I mentioned, I could create the sound
I'm looking for.

Any info/referral will help...Thanx, Mark

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He could be using the laptop to do the looping.

There are dedicated pedals that do the job.
Such as these

Here's K.T. Tunestall showing what she can do with one.

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Here's the first part of a 2-part tutorial by KT Tunstall on how to use a looper.

Hers is an Akai Headrush.

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I have been playing around with mobius . I use a usb pre-amp to my laptop and sound out to my pa or guitar amp. I picked up a usb keyboard for 2 bucks at a thrift store which I put on the floor and use as a footswitch. It's not super heavy duty it is definitely a great way get into the world of looping.

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The daddyfarlessa sez tanx! (jes saw Robin Guthrie and Brendan Perry [DCD] @ the El Rey last mo.) 8')