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The Tone Quest

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Ok I know this search never ends, but I need help I have a gig in two weeks and my tone is killing me. I just bought a new Strat which I'm playing (used to play a tele) This is problem number one.

Ok my this is my chain. Guitar-Tuner-Wah- JD-10 Morley-Blues Driver-Super Chorus- MXR DYNA Comp-Noise Suppressor-Fender Deluxe.

I play Christian Southern ROck is I guess how you say we sound. Also play in a Country/ Classic Rock Band. I can't find a tone in the middle that satisfies both, When I do it knocks your head off its so loud. I thinking about buying a Tube Screamer for the Country/Classic Rock, the JD-10 delivers an awesome just screaming melt your face sound for rock. thats great and all and when I play country/classic rock i set it for a texas blues sound/light cruch just for some oommpphh... when i set it for this though my solo tone sucks.

Any suggestions.

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You are probably gonna laugh, but I highly recommend the Behringer TO800.

Behringer TO800

I'm tellin' ya, this is an awesome sounding overdrive pedal, smooth as silk with thick tone that cuts. It is really that good. Don't let the name or the price fool you, this pedal will surprise you.

You can spend $170 on a TS808 and it won't sound any better. This may be blasphemy, but the Behringer has better tone. I am not kidding.

Read the reviews on Harmony Central. I am one, but everybody says the same thing.

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I like my strat thru a tubescreamer.
what you have can work. your amp is killer. trrn that up to 5.
then put the pickup switch on the second click from the bridge.I call that my Ry Cooder pickup sound.
with a bit of dirt from your overdrive it'll sound sweet.

turn the strat full up. set the overdrive to half and the ouput about half too.
use the volume pedal for stepping out for a lick and turning down for rhythm.

when you crank the violume pedal your quieter rough sound will expolde into a cool roar.

my 2 cents

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Back when i was looking for an overdrive pedal MF still had a few Behringer TO800s (for some reason they no longer carry them)
I could not afford an Ibby TS so i was looking at all the clones or wanna-be copys. I boiled it down to the Behringer and the Digitech Bad Monkey.

To me they sounded almost identical, the only real differences being some extreme tweakability with the BM tone controls, and the Digitech has a speaker-simulation output too, also the BM had an all metal case versus the Behringer being plastic.

At the time the Behringer was half the price but i was a bit paranoid about plastic pedals and decided on the BM.
It's a great little pedal, and i have no complaints about it at all but i'm not sure if it was worth the extra cash.


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I am still on this journey seems like it will take forever to develp "my sound" or is that even possibe?