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arpeggio substitution?n marty's exotic arpeggio?

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hello..i'm just wanna ask you few things..

1) how do you do the arpeggios subsitution? ( using different arpeggios than to use the arpeggios of the same name as the chords )

how can you apply those things?
are there any rules or guidelines for it?

2) does anyone here playing megadeth's "tornado of souls"? i'm quiet desperate to figure out how can Marty put n fit in the wierd arpeggios !! i even don't know what its name..
please someone help me.. thx U
i've tried a lot of times but i just don't get can you put some exotic arpeggios?

ps: i've known basics of arpeggios
hope u understand what i'm asking,especially the number 1 question..thx u :D