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Jimi Hendrix Style

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Hendrix, for many of his songs, used some interesting, and to the casual eye "crazy" notes and fingering for his songs. They don't seem to fall into any certain category, but I know they have to, and thats where you guys come in!!

I have been looking like crazy online to find progressions for certain songs, ie Castles made of sand and little wing. I have found out they are based on the circle of fifths/fourths and I understand how they work, but what I don't understand is how he chooses to play the notes he does over these chords. The intro to little wing is a good example, and the whole Castles Made of Sand song is another good one.

Hopefully you guys know what I mean, I'm talking about improvosational fills and whatnot, If anyone can shed light on this I would love it! Thanks,

oh and PS- can anyone give me an exact progression of Castles Made of Sand??

Thanks again.

Thanks Dudes!
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I'm betting that he just played what sounded right to him, with little idea of the names of the chords and scales he used. Lots of trial and error.

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The whole intro of Little Wing, if I remember correctly, is pretty much based around standard barre chords, with one or two added notes for flavor. Hendrix did use a lot of interesting fingering chord voicings, but if you've been playing a lot of blues or jazz or funk style chords, you will find you're familiar with the basic forms.


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From the interviews, etc., that I've read and/or seen, Hendrix had no idea of music theory, as we know it. He, apparently, perceived tones as colours.
Perhaps, he simply took tones of similar colour for his playing, but I can't say one way or the other (unfortunately, neither can he).

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Learn how to manipulate double stops. SRV was a big hendrix fan, and you'll find a lot of similar elements in his playing (ie p&j,his rendition of little wing) If you are looking for a good tab source, tri download powertab, a free tab software program with midi playback. Regular tabs are available as well, bu powertab is the way to go if you ask me...


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