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Mixing scales

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Can anyone advise me of which scales go best together. Let me elaborate, say you're playing in the key of C. You could play the C major pentatonic, the C minor pentatonic, the C ionian etc. Are there any scales which work better with each other than others.

Also can someone give me the tab for the harmonic minor scale closed position?

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The more scale notes you have that agree with the notes in the chords, the more natural the result will sound... any C type scale can be played over a C progression, and it's the skill of the performer who determines whether it works or not.

Scales like the C major pentatonic are in close agreement with the notes in a typical C chord progression, so they have the least chance of clunkers - which makes them more popular than something like C Lydian. That doesn't mean C Lydian is bad, just that it takes more skill and better ears to use.

The harmonic minor is 1-2-b3-4-5-b6-7 viewed against the major scale notes. Because of the three-fret difference between b6 and 7, there will be a shift. This is the simplest position (C harmonic minor shown):


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