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Sus2 Sus4

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Could someone please explain sus2 and sus4 chords to me? Is it just a case of replacing the III with a II for sus2 and a IV for sus4? Or is that too simplistic? My Bible of chords doesn't show sus chords at all.

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Yes that is how simple it is. CMajor = C E G Csus 2 = C D G Csus4 = C F G where D = II of C Major scale, F = IV of C Major scale.

For fingerings just search for chords on google there are alot of different fingerings.

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People sometimes argue about whether there should be a sus2 chord designation, saying that there are only "suspended chords" which are the sus4 sort, and that the 2 should be considered a ninth, but if you use the 2 instead of the 3 as a suspension it works that way.

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I'm happy to see the sus2 definition, it does what it sets out to do, methinks. Both the sus2 and the sus4 refer to a controlled dissonance within a chord, and both of them require resolution. The sus4 version resolves to the standard major chord, so the 4th resolves to a 3rd, and the sus2 can either resolve to the tonic (producing a power chord) or the 3rd (producing the major chord again).


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