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Tequila Sunrise (Eagles) - is this version is transposed?

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I really like that song and came across it in the Easy Song forum yesterday. I knew I wanted to check it out so I typed up the song while listening to the CD. I'm glad all the chords are reasonable but my ears are hearing other stuff.

First, here's the link to the song:

The first line is “It's another tequila sunrise . . . starin' slowly 'cross the” G is said to be played for those 4 bars. I hear another chord on bars 3 and 4. I'm hearing it going in bar 3 to a lower chord maybe Em?

In the bridge we have “Every night when the sun goes down . . . just another lonely boy in town” It shows Em-C-Em-C. My ears hear them singing high to low, high to low that tends to give me two possibilities. The chords are wrong or the song is transposed from the original key. If it's transposed, anyone know the original key?

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