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Interpretations: the feelings that you get from the words.

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I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion about the unique meanings that words have to individuals, and the feelings that we interpret from them. Now I understand that when you listen to a song with the music the feeling is derived largely from the music, and the words are often times overlooked. So out of a desire to experience other's perspectives on the words regardless of melody I have decided to write out some lyrics, and encourage anyone to reply about the feeling they get while reading it. Hopefully others will post too, and hopefully this is the right place to post it.

desperately clinging to features,
a face who's beauty is within.
tragically hopeful, a creature
the desires set free a new sin.

an obsessive fear of rejection,
from an angel that can not exist.
a passive desire for aggresion,
a void that is hopelessly filled.

times of words never spoken,
a joker who wanted to cry.
hope for a dream that is broken,
a lover, a mystery, a lie.

Quality cannot be defined. Recognize that it exists and admire it for what it is.