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The Words You Wanted Me To Say (MP3)

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The Words You Wanted Me To Say

Well i've come to find, that I don't mind it much
When you come lay around here

And all my grand designs, to spend our time,
Couldn't account for you.

You look a trite confused, Say your being used.
You say you wanted more.

And I think I could drown, In this silence now.
Oh, don't make a sound.

But be that as it may
One cloudy day we lay
And my hazy eyes promised perfect lies.
Everything you wanted me to say.

And I pour another cup, just as we're breakin' up.
What you thought that this was easy?

Its not a lack of love, but a lack thereof.
Don't come back and see me.

And am I missin' you? Or did it hit me too?
What you think that that's love?

And your a safety float, in a castle moat.
You've got no use here.

"And above all, respond to all questions regarding a given song's tonal orientation in the following manner: Hell, it don't matter just kick it off!"
-Chris Thile