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As I've posted about before, me and a buddy have been doing an acoustic jam on Friday nights. A few months ago, we went on a camping trip with our karate dojo and brought guitars. One of dads picks one up and starts playing some incredible music. Turns out, he's had a couple of label deals, almost won on the show Nashville Star, and is an accomplished song writer. We told him he was welcome to come jam with us, even though he was way out of our league. The coolest thing is, he's a dad now and couldn't care less about the music industry. He plays and writes because he loves it. He wanted to jam with us because we're doing it for fun and not wanting anything from him.

He finally got to come out last night. It was pretty intimidating playing in front of someone with that much talent, but he's so relaxed and encouraging, we loosened up pretty quickly. I switched to bass since 3 guitars was kind of crowded. We played the songs my buddy and I have been playing (One More Cup of Coffee, Eleanor Rigby, Kryptonite, Mary Jane's Last Dance) and had a blast. He loved our arrangement of Eleanor Rigby, which was a pretty big compliment. Before we did Mary Jane, my buddy was talking up how much I sounded like Tom Petty and I said "great, now I'm going to sing awful" and of course, I did. But I did play the harmonica part while playing bass, which I haven't been able to do in the past. I can do it with guitar, but not bass for some reason.

He played us some of the songs he's got on hold with some pretty big artists right now. It will be cool to hear a song on the radio and be able to say, "yea, I remember hearing that live in my bonus room months ago."

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That's awesome!!!! And a heck of a learning experience to boot!!!!!

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They say playing with someone better than you helps you improve your own playing.

Good to hear you've found another nice guy to have some fun with.

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Thats cool!

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That sounds like a lot of fun. Keep on rockin'! 8) 8)

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Very cool indeed.

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