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Any guitar course recommendations?

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I am mainly learning guitar to learn praise and worship songs. I want to worship God with the guitar.
I had 2 months of guitar instruction back in the past before I stopped due to financial constraints. I learnt the dduudu strum pattern during my guitar instruction class. It is a group instruction class.
I am interested in learning mainly to play praise and worship songs, as well as hymns and gospel songs.

From justinguitar, I learnt the D chord and A chord, though I struggle with them sometimes. I am currently using justinguitar as a resource. I may consider subscibing to either guitartricks or jamplay, though I am not sure which is better. These guitar sites are good, but they mainly teaches secular songs, and rarely, and most often not, have any praise and worship songs which I can learn.
I will really appreciate if someone can point me to a website that focuses on teaching praise and worship guitar, even if it is a dvd.

I prefer online video site with lifetime subscription, so that I don't have to pay again and again. I know of two websites, worship artistry and worshiponline that focuses on christian praise and worship but they are mainly songs and not techniques or styles or music theory.

I will like to learn guitar music theory, guitar strumming pattern and learn more guitar chords. I also hope to learn to move up and down the guitar fretboard and transpose with capo. As of now, I do not know how to use a capo.

Also, are there any guitar websites beside guitartricks, jamplay, truefire or artistworks that offer video instructions from beginner to advanced? Especially one that is focus on praise and worship? Or teaches songs that worship artistry and worshiponline doesn't cover?

Thanks for all the recommendations so far, will continue to look at more recommendations. I recently bought a FG830 Yamaha acoustic guitar and wonder if it works with praise and worship songs, or will an electric guitar suits me better? Also, which is better, guitartrick or jamplay or truefire?

Furthermore, I recently inherited a sum of US$1000 and will like to invest them on guitar course. Price is not an issue for me. What are some guitar accesories I should look up for and purchase, besides the capo, that will aid me in learning guitar? My budget after spending on FG830 is US$1000. Any course within that price range and is good will be considered by me. Thanks for reading!

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Hi there,

You have a lot of different questions in one post. But I'll try to help.

If you're still struggling with the D and A chord I'd say it's a good idea to continue with Justin's lessons until you can play about 7 chords really well. That includes being able to change between them smoothly. His song suggestions are just suggestions. You can learn different strumming patterns from Justin, or another teacher like Lauren Bateman who is also good for this. It's a matter of finding the chords to the songs you want to learn. Praise music is going to use the same chords and secular music. You'll find most songs can be played using only four chords.

I'd recommend sticking with Justin or other free resources until you get to a higher level.

Acoustic guitars are versatile and a good choice for beginners. Capos are inexpensive and very useful. Electric guitars require more accessories.

If you're interested in fingerstyle guitar, Guitar Noise has several free "holiday song" lessons for beginners. Not exactly praise music but more "traditional" in style. Some of these songs are easier to learn than others. The beginner version of Silent Night is a good place to start.

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How is your guitar playing coming along?

If you have a praise song you want to learn, let us know, and we can show you how it is played, and you can practice playing with a song you really love.