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Anyone learn anything new over the past weekend?

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Jim BoDean
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Along with:

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen

Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty

What a coincidence. I've been working on these two also. Queen b/c the song is in a recent issue of Acoustic Guitar. Mary Jane b/c I saw Petty in concert last weekend and spent much of the next day trying to play his songs.

When I ran into this fantastic lesson by VGStratGuy on youtube, Mary Jane became the one I'm determined to master:

I've been trying to dip into the world of soloing. This lesson has shown me how to incorporate some solo techniques into my chord strumming/picking. It's also a song with a bit of harmonica, which I've been playing around with for some time.

Here's a guy who is doing what I'm trying to do with the song:

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Well I've been experimenting with actually playing modes instead of just talking about them.

And I'm working on three very different jazz tunes

All the Things you Are

Blue Bossa

And Oleo

All the Things you are is kinda complicated harmonically what with all the tonality changes.

Oleo is a bit simpler in that regard but has some weirder chords, and the melody has a weird part where I get lost when I read the notes.

Blue Bossa is the simplest, just two tonalities, and its more defined like one block is in C min, and the other block is in Db major, and its easier to switch when improvising

Just overall been working on my reading and modes, oh and also the Melodic Minor scale and different ways to play it around the fretboard, I hope I get all that under my belt by Saturday for my next class.

Keep in mind that I do nothing but play guitar all day and otherwise vegetate xD, so I divide this two hours in the morning ( like 11 am fr me ) two hours afternoon, and maybe one hour at like one in the morning where I'll just play xD.

My teacher is hitting me with lots of stuff... yay xD

I wanna be that guy that you wish you were ! ( i wish I were that guy)

You gotta set your sights high to get high!

Everyone is a teacher when you are looking to learn.

( wise stuff man! )

Its Kirby....

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