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Best song to learn from???

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I know there have been posts about the first song you learned and what song are you learning right now, but I want to know what song or band did you learn the most from.???

Whenever I first started playing guitar I was all about learning punk music so I started taking lessons and the teacher introduced me and my friend who was also taking lessons to Albert King. I've never even learned a punk song, after that I just want to learn more about the blues, and be like any of the Kings. I still love punk music but playing the blues has really made me appreciate older music. I'll probably learn a few punk songs this week since i'm on spring break but I'll never leave the blues, my playing for the past 2 years is so rooted in that style it will be hard to get out of.

So in case after reading all of that you don't know what the question is: What song or band did you learn the most from??

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I also started off with punk, back in high school, and got a Clash songbook to play along to. Then I realized it showed only the vocal melody lines with the guitar chords written above. So I had to learn the rhythm on my own, as well as which chord fingerings made sense (the book only showed the open chords, whereas the music was more likely barre or power chords.) Nothing to difficult, but in hindsight, it was very helpful.

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For me it was trying to do what more percussive piano players like McCoy Tyner, Bruce Hornsby or Elton John does on guitart.

Elton John mostly because others that I play with are most likely to also know his songs.

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I think I've actually learnt the most from playing Evanescence songs. Not becasue of the songs themselves, but because;

1) I started to figure them out by ear
2) I played both the electric and acoustic versions of songs, which helped show me how electric powerchords can be translated in full chords for acoustic versions (majors, minors etc. to give the feel)
3) Got me using barre chords a hell of a lot more


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