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i went to get my amp retubed casue i got my federal money, or the money i made and they stole, but anyway went there and everyone there couldnt tell me anything about anything. they had no idea of what power tubes to put in it, no one could find where the preamp tubes went, so im standing there with my thumb up my you know what, and i was told that the tubes that were in there are most likely stock, that means they are almost 10 years old, plus they glow blue like alot and i was told alittle was good, alot of blue was not good. i must say i got the amp used so really no telling, and all i wanted to to get it retubed, then they told me i had to get it bias or something, and i thought i didnt matter if you put in say 6l6gc low gain or 6l6gc high gain, just as long as they were they same type. so im getting really mad. and now i took a picture of the tubes and the back of the amp, sent it to peavey, i think they should be able to tell me something about this.

i think im not going to buy them from guitar center because most of them there really only care about selling crap to kids and people who dont know what anything is worth, and i heard about eurotubes a couple of times, i was wondering if anybody else has ever got tubes online from them and wanted to know, casue the website seams really shady, it seems unprofessional. just wanted to hear what you guys think.