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Book of Childrens songs with TAB

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Hello all,

I became a father for the first time 7 months ago. I want to learn some childrens songs on the guitar so that I can have a sing-along with my son (when he's old enough).

Does anybody know of a book of childrens songs with TAB ? (preferably with a CD so I can hear what the song is supposed to sound like)

I bought a couple of books already but neither has TAB. If I have to learn to read standard notation, I think my son will have children of his own before I'm ready to play!

Any suggestions would be a great help.

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Hal Leonard publishes several. Their website has a search engine - search for children's, then search inside the results for guitar (searching any other way, like for children's guitar tab, brought up no results - but if you do it in just two broad steps, you'll see a bunch that say they have tab, and some that have CDs too)

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