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Change of Equipment?

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Hi guys,

I've plateau'd in the last year or so with regards to my playing, and have put this down to being dissatisfied with my gear. I seem to be having to make allowances for nearly everything I own and i've lost the fun out of playing.

I'm thinking of trading in my Epi Les Paul for a PRS Custom 22 (thoughts please)... The LP is just too heavy and i've just not fallen in love with it like I thought I would.

At the moment I'm outputting via headphones, going through the Line 6 Amplifii FX100.... it's impressive but has far more presets than i'd ever need, and I'm pretty dissatisfied with the headphone experience.

I'm poorly educated with regards to amps (distinguishing between tube and digital is about as far as I go!) so would really appreciate some knowledgeable buying advice for an aspiring blues/jazz player, specifically;

- Would the PRS suit these genres?

- Can someone recommend an amp set up for apartment playing (will not be gigging at all with this). I'm looking for quality tone over quantity of features.

Thanks as always guys :)