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Choices, choices,choices

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Hi folks

I know many of you don't mind a little window shopping on behalf of others - I'm in the middle of a fundamental dilemma

My brother is leaving for the states in may. He will look for a new bass guitar for himself, but he won't mind carrying something for me over the ocean too. Custom laws in Norway place limits on what you can import - and my funds are severely limited too - so the budget for me is $2-300 - max!

What do I have:
Fender Newporter Accoustic (western)
Fender Thinline Telecaster
Epiphone Dot

What do I need?
What I do need is a good accoustic with mic. I will have to replace my Fender one day. I don't have the funds now - that will have to wait.
A 12 string (solid/semi) electric would be really cool of course. But I'm pretty sure it will go well over budget.

I think it narrows down to something like this:

I think about a 12 string every now and then. The The Fender JG12CE is less than half the price in the states compared to Norway. But is a cheapo 12 string a good choice?
The Telecoustic is cool. But do I need it / will I ever play it / is it OK ?
I have started to feel a strange pull towards a stratocaster lately. The squires are OK, but I don't really think a 3rd electric is what I need... or?
A mandolin would be great.
... ...
Aditional suggestions are very welcome :lol:

Oh - and he will be in the Washington DC area plus a trip up to Canada. Any suggestions for shops to look for?


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