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Connecting Multiple Pedals!?!

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Ok here's what I have
Peavey 5150 Full-Stack. <Amp>
Peavey Preditor <Guitar>
Boss Noise Supressor NS-2 <Pedal 1>
Brownsville Flanger <Pedal 2>
Compression/Sustainer CS-3 <Pedal 3>
2 Patch Cables, 4 20 foot cables, a boss PSA Adapter, and another 9v adapter.

Alright, I want to hook ALL of this up.
I have the stuff for it, but I have a question. You're supposadley suppose to be able to use the Noise Supressor as a power source right? HOW!?!??!
There are 2 adapter plugins on the back of it, one is labled IN, the other OUT.
How would I hook all of this up?

Please help me! :D

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Im guessing the in plug goes to the wall and the out goes to anything else u want to power off of it....

And u should just be able to hook you guitar into one pedal, then chain them into your amp with the patch chords. I would recommend guitar smaller ones to go from pedal to pedal....

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I'm no expert on this but what I do know is that amongst other things the experts will tell you to experiment and find what works for you. Try sticking the compressor first in the sequence and try sticking it at the end. See what you like and go with that!

As far as the adapter thing goes, I think the above post has it right - you might have to buy specific power cables in order to make it work.

Hope you find that sound you are after!

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