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distortion pedals

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Oh yes, avichaks - no problem. Doesn't matter what an amp's output power might be - it's the input sensitivity and impedance that matter, and they're pretty standard. The Marshall MG series are sturdy little brutes, too. Nice sound - I like them a lot, and the bigger ones (they go up to 100W - endorsed by Zak Wylde, no less :shock: ) are very serious gigging amps. Apart from the Fender FM series, they're among the very best solid-state amps around, IMHO...

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I always use BOSS peddles for anything (with the exception of my L6 POD 2.0).

My Amp (Marshall AVT 275) has an amazing od2 channel on it tho and a lot of amps that have more than one channel have a fottswitch available for switching between the channels. I mostly use the amp od because it kicks butt.

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thanks everybody, all very good suggestions. what i'm looking for is a pedal i can use to turn the distortion up or down if i choose. like say i want to use a light distortion and play full chords like some rock songs do but don't want all that muddy sound to it like on my amp i can turn the gain from 1 to 10. i'm trying to find something that will give me that option without using the amp distortion. the reasoon why is cause i want to be able to switch to clean sounds with out having to stop playing reach down and push the button on my amp.

My amp is a small marshall 30 watt. perfect for home practice. I also have aboss compression susstainer, a dod fx icebox chorus and a cdunlop crybaby wah wah pedals as well as a digatech metal master distortion pedal. however the digitech is giving me way too much distortion from the tone i want to get.

I guess i should have explained all this before. but like any other guitar player....sometimes a fellow has to get something and then realize it's just not quit what he/she is looking for as far as tone. And i am close to the tone i want to get. very close.....well...let me be honest......As a guitar player i guess i will always be doomed to searching endlessly for that tone right? LOL

Thanks to everyone for your responses, i will go to a store soon and check out those models.

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