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elixir 3rd string breakage,.

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hi to all,.i have two main working acoustic guitars,.a Lowden dreadnought,.and a custom HOWARD built by my best friend,.i can walk into my friends workshop any time i want, i can and do work on my and others guitars if and when help is needed, my priority is my guitars,.,he helps me keep them in top setup condition,.i do tv and studio work as well as concert tours etc,.i use only drop D tuning on both guitars,.im by no means a heavy thrasher ,.i play all styles ,.i use HEAVY gibson or dunlop tortice shell copy picks,.i can dull severly a standard noncoated acoustic strings of any brand in half of a gig,.this is why i have used ELIXIR since they came on the market,.i have tried all the coated clones but they dont work for me,.so im happy to use poly web or nanoweb lights and mediums,.but i have always had a breaking 3rd problem , but its has got worse with the newest phospher bronze nanoweb,.putting on a new set on both guitars i will break a 3rd light or med in the first gig,.the string breaks in no particular place along the length,. no two breaks are the same place,.guitars have been checked and rechecked and by different workshops,.but the proof that its not the guitars or the player is the fact that when i replace the 3rd with a new crap cheap uncovered standard string of any make then the "inferior" 3rd dosent ever break,. and would last as long as the other elixirs that never break either,.but for the corrosion from my toxic digits this cheap string dulls very quick,.but i have put up with the dull 3rd juat to see if it would break,.well it dident break,.so all this + the talk i have been reading on many forums leads me to the conclusion that the fault is in the 3rd elixir string design,.elixir have stopped talking to me but the did say that the third has 7 pounds more tension so as to match the treble of the other strings of the set,.and is more likely to break than the others,.i have suggested that they make the core stronger and sacrifice a small bit of treble so as the 3rd would last at least twice as long as it now does,.they also say that their STRING QUALITY FEEDBACK dosent see a problem with any string breakage within standard industry limits,.they should GOOGLE " elixir 3rd string breakage" instead and stop relying on reports from the more famous players who get their strings free,.why would they complain as they can put on a new set of elixirs every nite or maybe twice a nite, to conclude!,.if anybody has this problem of 3rd elixir string [or other elixir strings]im asking you to email elixir about this ,.and keep it up untill they realise that we the actual people that buy their product with our hard earned hard gigging money and should be listened to,.and if enough users compplain then we could together make a difference,.thanks,dobrocop.

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Big discussion on this topic has been going on for quite some time now:

In the interest of not cluttering up the board more than it has to be, I'm locking this thread and asking the discussion be continued in the older one. Thanks!