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ok I need help

I want to be able to get more feedback while im playing
Is the problem that I use a humbucker, or is it just that my amps not turned up loud enough??

When I use the single coil it get some more feedback, but its a neck pickup and i want bridge

could someone with some experience help

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Depends on the amp you have to some degree, but generally turning up the gain/distortion knob will get you more feedback. However, I know from personal experience that turning the volume up slightly can really alter the sound / degree of the feedback that you get.

On my amp (a Marshall 10watt), for example;

Volume: 2
Gain: 8

Will give me a really heavy sound, but which isn't loud. Turning up only the volume to;

Volume: 6
Gain: 8

Will sound like a heavy metal concert in my room. Reducing the volume and upping the gain to;

Volume: 4
Gain: 6

Will give me a louder distortion setting without being *too* loud.

Just play around with the settings of your amp, and you'll find something you like.


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Try pointing the head of your guitar towards the amp

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feedback comes from vibrations of your guitar strings clashing with the sound coming out your amp, but then being picked up by your pickups on the guitar (hence the name pickup). So... with all that being said, more feedback comes from playing real close to your amp, face your strings right at the speaker like the last guy said. You'll figure it out.

Thanks Dudes!
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