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Hi everyone!

A couple of months ago I purchased a Kirk Hammet KH-202 signature guitar. It has a Floyd Rose licensed bridge and came with 9 gauge strings. I usually use 10's but now I want to experiment with 11's. Now I know that I have to tighten the springs in the back of the guitar with higher string gauges. The guitar comes with an extra spring and I also have another spring that came with another one of my guitars. So my main question is, should I be fine just tightening the two springs that are currently installed or should I add another spring or even go further and add two extra springs for 11 gauge strings?

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I have a Floyd Rose too and I hate them. But with that said I think I would go ahead and add at least the one extra spring I don't think it would hurt any to add one more and if you don't you may find the bridge really lifting up when you try and tune it.

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