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For those liking bl...
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For those liking bluegass guitar..

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Noticed a post or two in Easy Songs relating to bluegrass guitar.
If any of you want some "ultimate" flatpicking references, I would
recommend you look at Clarence White's early flatpick albums...
"33 Guitar Instrumentals", and "Flatpick"..these are the standard by
which we serious flatpickers measure ourselves.
Flatpickers including Tony Rice.
You can get them on Amazon.
The first album, made when he was 18 years old is incredible.
Clarence is the best bluegrass acoustic guitar player you never heard of.
He was also the co-inventor of the Parsons-White 'B-Bender' for electric guitar,
and is one of the best Telecaster 'B-Benders' ever, as a member of the Byrds,
and afterwards. Clarence was killed by a drunk driver in 1973,
when he was 29 years old, as he was loading equipment into his car.
This is no spam...this is a very interesting site, where I hang out a bit :

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