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George Harrison tab help

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Have you heard the CD "A Concert For George"
Better still have you seen the DVD version of "A Concert for George" ?
You have, great now how good are you at transcribing? Let me tell you what I'm after. Its the intro tab to "Beware of Darkness" as played by Eric Clapton. I have trawled the net in search of this and all I keep coming up with is chord charts. I've had a go myself but just cant get it, so please if you can help please do.

Tell me what you think of the concert and what your favorite part is, for me its got to be "Isnt It A Pity" as you can see the emotion on Erics face and hear it within his playing. The solo is superb in its simplicity. I wish that George and Eric had collaberated more in the past than they did as I am sure the result would have been terrific.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Be excellent to each other & party on dudes!

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Hi Rodders,

Yes its your bro Chris (dogsbody), I love it too. Sorry can't help with your tab request though. A couple of good guys on the site that might be able to help are Wes Inman and Vic Lewis. Wes is very good at transcribing, might be worth you putting this request on the Easy Song Database as they frequently post tabs on there and they might be able to help.
But still, welcome to Guitarnoise.

Best regards

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