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Guitar strings.

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When i go to the shop there are a lot of different makes and types of strings Eg bullet head strings that are made by fender and a lot of other places.. some made more expensive than the others. Can u tell me what type of string to buyfor the best type and the best priced. :D

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Some of the brands like the GHS strings have a tone chart thing on the back of the pack. You just have to experiment around and figure out how bright you want the sound to be. The metal used will affect the tone, and the gauges just depend on which gauge you find to be comfortable for whatever tuning you're using. If you drop tune you might need a thicker gauge string.

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those Fender strings have that bullet end to better, they say, fit into the bridge hole fitting. the thinking goes that with the tremelo bar and movement the strings seat and respond better because the bullet end conforms to the shape of the fitting. ball ends dont.
I use Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. nickel wound for me because I like the feel and sound.
it takes awhile to understand the kind of strings you want to end up using.

with that 'whole lotta money' what kind of guitar did you decide.?