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2007's first big mi...
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2007's first big milestone!

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I'm so happy that I just had to share my experience :)

So I got up this morning, and turned on my PC like usual to check GN (lol), and it does the little blue-screen system check thing that takes forever, so I decided to just strum aimlessly for 15 minutes.

SO while I'm playing, I realise that all of my barre chords are ringing out perfectly, no duds, no mutes, and when I look at my hand, it actually *looks* like a guitarists hand now! SO I thought "hmmmmmm, maybe I should try something new while i'm in the mood.....". And I remembered about 6 months ago I was trying to do C-shaped barres, and had no hope whatesoever of doing it then, so I figured I'd give that a try,

Long story short, I shocked myself with how quickly my fingers found that C shape barre, and how it almost felt 'normal' to be fretting it! So there's one addition to my chord dictionary that I can now use!

Gotta find some songs with 'em in now........

Also, because my barres are now working as they should, I'm able to do hammer-ons and pull-offs while in the barre shape, like those used in "Take your mama" by Scissor Sisters.

Needless to say, I feel a whole new inspiraiton to play guitar again!

Pete :)

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congrats!, it's great when stuff starts to become easier.


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nice 1 dude, feels good doesnt it,and to then go on and knack the C shape barre too, you know you must be doing something right. I sometimes find that when im getting frustrated with sections of music, a little break from it for a few days can work wonders, :)

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