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Was on Harmony Central looking for reviews of Yamaha FG411's. This is the first review I read. Was laughing so much I choked on my sandwich!!!!!!!! Poor guy.....

Price Paid: US $50
Features: 10
bought it at a garage sale 4 years ago and it was in great shape. i lost my left hand in a factory accident last year so i can't really play it anymore, so that's a disappointment. so i bolted it to my bedroom wall. now i just sit and look at it every once in a while and sometimes i throw coins from across the room and try and get them to go into the sound hole. i can't play it anymore but i still have fun with it

Sound: 10
used to sound good. i slipped and fell on it on stage once and put a nice big crack in the back bottom corner. i guess it changed the sound some--the crack is pretty big. a bottle of captain morgan and neil young cover songs don't always work out as well as it would seem--just a thought to the not so wise

Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
no pickup, bummer. the action was great for a while. i had this bright idea to lightly carve my fiance's name into the fretboard. it worked great after i sanded it down a little bit. too bad it didn't work out with her--that cheating whore. I hope you ROT AND BURN CHERYLL!!!! the finish was nothing spectacular, but then again, niether was cheryll. it did look good when i painted the old rebel flag on the back.

Reliability/Durability: 10
durable as a wax horse in a beauty salon! i put this thing through some trials and tribulations and it came out singing. wish i could same the same about my brother-in-law

Customer Support: 10
customer support is for cowards. but they're probably all nice guys, i'd imagine

Overall Rating: 10
been playing (played) for 28 years. loved it, miss it.

Submitted by Anonymous at 08/20/2002 21:57

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He could go lefty and learn to pick with his left foot.

It is a small world for metal fanatics. I welcome you fellow musicians, especially the metalheads!

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I hope this was an attempt at humor since no one should have that much fun with life. :lol:

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Must have sucked to type all that down with just one hand, espescially all those "!!!!!"...

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I just cracked up at "customer support is for cowards".


Please take this thread in the spirit it was posted in.

I obviously have every sympathy with anyone that has lost body parts.

But this was too good to miss.

Matt :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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That was f***ing hillarious! There is nothing like a well written piece that oozes humor out of every pore.

I feel sorry for his hand, but he seems to be taking it all in god spirits.

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This one is the funniest review I have read. This same guy has a few other reviews on the site (Harmony Central) but I think this one is th best...

It's the review by Rip Glitter, should be the first one on the page.

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I hope this was an attempt at humor since no one should have that much fun with life. :lol:


I have worked with A LOT of kids (and some adults) with disabilities and many of them actually use this kind of humor. It lightens the mood and is a good ice breaker...

Here's an example:

I was working at a sports camp for kids with visual impairments. I specifically worked with a 12 year old boy. I had never worked with anyone who was blind so I was nervous (I was in college)...The way "lead" them around is that you bend your right elbow and they stand slightly behind you on the right holding your elbow with their left hand. This way you sort of "shield" them from any danger.

Well I was leading this boy around the campus and I was always telling him "Be careful of this" and "Be careful of that" etc. He eventually told me I don't have to do that just lead him around. So I got more comfortable around him. One day I was leading him through a door and he SLAMMED right into the door jam! He yelled "MIKE!" How come you didn't tell me the door was there!I was like "Are you OK? I am so sorry!" The I remembered he told me not to warn him about every step so I commented "You told me not to tell you unless it was a real danger!"

He just smiled and said "I know I was just testing you to make sure you were awake!!" The he said "But don't let it happen AGAIN!"

It's just a mind-set many develop to be able to overcome obstacles. They have to laugh about it or it will destroy them.

Sorry to go off topic here!

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That was very funny. I can't believe it was real, had to be a joke. If I was eating a sandwich I would have choked too.