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Help With Rhythm

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So im back again after about 7 months of playing guitar ive progressed to where i can switch open chords and bar chords except Bb for now. There is one glaring problem ive had since i started though i cant pick out strum patterns or feel rhythms to songs at all. I can tap to a metronome and keep it in perfect time but what does that matter if i cant hear rhythms to play songs. I can play the chords but all the songs i play sound so off and i just cant hear the damn rhythm. For example the Beatles help i cant figure out the intro rhythm for the life of me I've listened to it 65 times still cant hear it chords for the song easy strumming extremly difficult for me to feel. Any ideas am i rhythmically challenged any tips would help.

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First up - don't be too hard on yourself. You haven't been playing long enough to know where you will end up. Just keep at it and keep bashing away and before long, the things that seem impossible now will be within your grasp.

Something you can do is just place your hand over the strings to mute them, then use your picking hand to drum basically. Just click away in time and try to play with it. Once you feel you have the timing then start adding the chord part on the fret hand.

Honestly, the BEST thing any guitarist can do is get a cheap set of drums and learn to play a bit. The heaviest players I know are pretty kick ass drummers. No coincidence there.


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I'm playing Bass these days but like Rhythm guitar it needs to be spot on. Yes I had rhythm problems too, then I went ahead and did myself a favor and learned how to count, musically. Never tried playing Help, but I'm thinking 4/4 time eight notes so counting it's:

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and

There's a real good drum teacher on YouTube that will show you how to count musically.

Just gotta search for him.