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How to use Band in a Box

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I am interested in using Band in a Box to help learn how to play guitar,
but I am not quite sure how to do it.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
Are there any courses that use Band in a Box?

I'm currently working on improvising over chord progressions,
and putting together song ideas.

The difficulty is that I don't really want to sound like the same old songs with a few new words.
I'd like to be able to play a simple chord change on guitar and comp over it.

Am I using the wrong tool?
I do have an old digital four track (Boss BR-532), which might be better suited for this.

I get frustrated with technology, especially when it doesn't do what I want.
Or, when it takes a lot of work to do something simple.

Any suggestions??!!

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The beauty of band in a box is that there are so many different styles to play your progression. My favorite was when I did "Wish You Were Here" with a standard Bob Marley feel , I couldn't actually replicate the playing but comping over it was interesting. It is a fairly intuative programI didn't use half of what it can do. However if your rythym is fairly decent you can get the same effect with your 4 track.
By the way here's a play only Demo link Band In Box Demo At the top of this page there are tutorial videos to get you started.

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