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I finally made the ...
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I finally made the purchase!!!

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Ok I made my purchase. I Bought The Jackson Warrior WRXT, Behringer 2-10'' jenson speaker 65 watt amp, Digitech "Death Metal" foot pedal, 5' Livewire guitar cable, and ernie ball ( super slinkys). It should all be here by friday of next week at the latest. I had my first guitar lesson today, and i sat in my local music store practicing on the warrior and all the pedals for about an hour. I love how quick the neck is, and the body. GOD i cant absolutly CANT wait until it gets here!!!!!! Ahh, just thought id tell you guys, Thx for your help. :D :D :D ps.. final price was....732.48 Thx. :D :D :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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You've got the guitar right but are waiting for some of the other stuff, right?

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Sounds like a killer set-up. Have fun! 8)

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Congrats: I checked out the Warrior myself a while back; it made me drool...

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Congrats on the new setup! Where did you purchase it from, if you don't mind me asking? Let us know how the setup sounds when it all arrives. I always wonder how much different something may sound in the store then when I order it online and get it home.


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Cool, hope you enjoy it all.

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I bet you feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. :D

If you are anything like me, you will go to the UPS or FedEx tracking and check it 5 times a day. That can be the longest wait.

But when you see that big truck pull up out front..................... Yeah!

Congrats on getting the guitar of your dreams. That other gear looks good too.

Have fun.


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Yeah the hardest part of buying new gear is the LONG (only a few days) wait to hear that brown truck pull to a stop in front of the house!

Let us know how you like the setup after you play for a couple days.

Enjoy! 8)

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yes, congrats on the guitar, make sure to tell us when it comes in

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Congrats on the new purchase! Have fun with it!

Sounds like a good setup.

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WoOt!!! :wink:


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Did you get the GX210 or GMX210? Cool stuff in any case.