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Jay Turser Guitars

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Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them? A friend of mine is looking at one. A LP copy.

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rparker...I bought a telecaster last year. Around $150.

I had it a few days to a week when it developed a nasty twang on the high E I could do nothing about. Changed strings of course and tried everything I could think of. It was abrasive sounding to the point I couldn't use it at all.

The seller/ebay dealer picked up the shipping and I sent it back to the manufacturer. 3 months later I called them for the third time and for the third time they 'found' it and promised to have a tech fix it. 3 1/2 months into it I finally got it back and they shipped it in a new hardcase for my troubles.

So they all did the right thing and this is to be expected, for the price you can get a bad one.

The guitar itself is light and easy to play but of course the pickups are hurtin, it is a very bland sounding guitar even with effects.

Would I recommmend one? Sure, for the money. Jay Turser is huge and they do the right thing and honor warranties. You just have to keep on them because they are so huge to get your guitar worked on and back to you.

Do I still use the guitar? Sometimes. I have many guitars this year, and much better than this model but sometimes I still pick it up. For what I paid for it there is no point in ever selling it. All guitars have a purpose and one day I will have a need to use a tele for something I am playing and I will change the pickups when that time comes.

But you are not considering a tele. I also have a Samick Avion 3 LP, probably more comparable in price and quality to the JT LP but given my experience with both, if I was to recommmend a LP, I would recommend the Samick Avion being the better bet. This guitar has real nice tone, especially when I run it through my Vox Tonelab and there is nothing in the 'forecast' for changing pickups, tuners or anything else. It is a pretty guitar and was playable right out of the box. It is well made and fitted, I like this guitar a lot and it is what I practice with the most.....until the new Fender strat arrives next week! But I expect to spend equal time between the 2 guitars, the Samick LP is that nice of a guitar. And I was surprised at its appearance when I took it out of the box, the internet pics available do not give this guitar justice, as probably with many others out there.

Hope this helps. 8)

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I'll Second the Samick's.

One of the local shops here are a Samick Dealer. They're quality instruments at a low cost. The higher end models are still somewhat affordable and they're very, VERY nice. :)

I'm actually interested to see if they come out with anything new after Winter NAMM.

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I have a turser tele that I really like. It is very light weight and I think plays well. Also got it off of ebay. Since it was inexpensive I also consider it my project guitar and have used it for a project or 2. The main one being converting it to a through body by drilling holes to line up with the bridge and installing ferules. Really made a difference. Its also going ot be my first project for shielding once I get my copper tape from StewMac.

Overall I would reccomend JT, but that's just my experience.

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I had a turser Tele too a while back. Ended up selling it for a Squier Tele, but it was a nice guitar for the $100 I payed for it. Their LP's are nice too, although probably not as nice as an SX. The Turser had a bolt on neck, the SX has a set neck. Aside from that, though, the LP that I played was very nice. Very light weight for a LP, which the SX isn't.

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I have a $200 JT SG copy that I've grown to like as I've learned how to use it better. Every thing on it is pretty cheap but fully functional and I've been able to get some nice sounds out of it. Mine has a Bigsby that works quite well, better than the couple Gretsch Bigsby's I've tried. It's also set neck and mahogany.

When I first got it I had to do a set up because the strings were way to low for my heavy handed technique, but I have benn able to tweak them reasonably low without buzzes. I also had to clean up the nut a little to make me happy.
The only problems I've had are a output socket that needs to be tightened every month or so and a 13th fret that has popped slightly on me twice, giving me a buzz when playing the 12th. I forgive the fret because weather conditions here are pretty rough on wood. Anyway, it's always been fixable with a couple light taps or a push with a pick.

Not my favorite guitar, but the one I leave out at the ready and the first one I throw into my trunk when I get a chance for a quick jam. Plays well and I dont worry when I whack it off a wall.