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Just a quick question - Strat help

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Right, im gonna change my strings tonight and was wondering is it a bad idea to take them all off at once? Does it affect the neck or anything. I usually change them one by one but i want to give my guitar a decent clean.

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Yes you can take them off all at one time. I do it all the time.

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The specific ease/difficulty depends upon whether or not it is a hardtail (very easy), and if not which type of trem -- older syncho or newer knife edge. The sychro (six pivot screw type) is also quite easy. But if it's a two-point knife edge trem, I would consider putting a temporary shim between the back of the bridge plate and the body during the string change. The shim should be just thick enough to keep the bridge plate's angle in proper playing position. Slip it in before removing any of the old strings. Keeping the bridge in position makes a number things a bit easier, including threading the strings through the back plate and tuning up again. Remove the shim when you get your guitar close to in tune with the new strings.

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and while ALL the strings are off (which is safe) clean in the areas you cannot reach with the strings on.