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les paul style

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hey guys, i'm looking at buying an electric guitar after playing my washburn for a couple of years now. i love the look of the les paul guitars such as the one neil young uses. however i can not afford the price. i'm not looking for an overly cheap guitar...i'm t hinking 500 canadian price range. so if anyone has any suggestions on a guitar with that style and also decent electronics let me know.

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Have you looked at the Epiphone LP's?

Epiphone is the lower end of Gibson. At least that's the order they say. :lol:

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yep the epiphone les pauls are pretty good, I have a black one..guess what made me choose the color? :)

you can get one of those but then you'll still need an amp, you should get there somewhere with that budget, not sure how much canadian dollars are though...

too bad they don't come with a bigsby tremelo bar and a metal plate instead of that creamy one, but you can always arrange that later on if you truly want to go neil young style.

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If you don't mind ordering online the I STRONGLY suggest Rondo and get yourself an Agile LP copy...I have the Agile AL-2000 Gold Hum and it's AWESOME! You can check out the Agile Guitar Forum to ask about the various models. Personally I think Epiphone is crap but I know many here love them.

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Epi, Rondo (although cross border ordering is always a bit of a pain)

If you aren't too hung up on the LP, take a look at Godin's LG series. Not exactly the same, but better value for money (especially in Canada).

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Yes, I just had a look at "Old Black" (Young's guitar), and I never noticed that before. It's got the P90 in the neck and the Firebird (or maybe it's a minihumbucker like in LP Deluxe's). The Agile AL2000, might be a good starting point, and then find a Deluxe pup (Duncan probably?) and go from there.

Of course, maybe it doesn't have to be EXACTLY like Neil's guitar, but the P90s will probably get close enough to start with.

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I just bought an Epiphone LP Junior for $99, and it is totally worth it. I am usually on an extreme budget, and I needed a new guitar, because the ones that I have are all vintage. It sounds like the $500 Epi LP, and the action is the same too.(It plays soo easily) It only has one P90 by the bridge, but still sounds amazing. If I would have had more money at the time, I would have gone with the Epi LP deluxe, which plays and sounds almost exactly the same, but you have more paint job choices.

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