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looking for a brian may type guitar, any advice on brands?

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i am 14, and i am currently playing an acoustic guitar. i want to find an electric that suits my taste. i enjoy the sound of brian may's "red special" guitar. i have heard that the ones made to look like and sound like his arent very good. what guitar do you suggest for that metallic sound?

thanks in advance

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The only real answer about the Red Special copies is to try one for yourself and see. If money is no object, then grab hold of a Vox AC30 amplifier. If money is limited grab hold of a Vox AD30VT (about £150) and dial in an AC30.

I've got to admit, Brian May is one of my heroes. I'd like to try a Red Special copy myself; but there's this very nice clear-lacquered Tele down at my local shop that's just got my name written all over it, and I think I'd have some explaining to do if I bought the Vox right now having gone home last Saturday with a nice new Marshall MG30DFX.


A :-)

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