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Looking To Improve my Skills

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Hey folks - first post here... Looks like a great board!

Where to start...

I've been playing guitar for 35 years. Sounds impressive, huh? The only reason the statement is true is because I first played a guitar 35 years ago, last played one yesterday, and have played guitars many times in between. Also, I have never owned less than one guitar during that time.

My skills? Laughable... I know chords, bar chords, a few licks here and there, etc. The fact of the matter is if I pick up a guitar and noodle around a bit, many would think I am fairly proficient. I'm not. I don't know any complete songs, I can't improvise any sort of leads or anything.

Don't get me wrong - I have no desire to be a shredder. Check out Samantha Fish. I would give anything to play guitar in a similar fashion. Not too fast with lots of soul. Blues isn't even my favorite listening music but the guitar work sure speaks to me...

I'm having a hard time learning new things and improving my overall skills. There was a time when I spent a lot of time on CAGED scales, major and minor pentatonic scales, etc. I memorized a lot of the patterns. Some might call that improvement but it wasn't - I never got the gist of what to do with the scales or how.

if I try to learn a song, I get lost very quickly no matter how familiar I am with the song. I have a hard time playing alone and keeping time but playing along with something doesn't work, either.

From the looks of things around here, I'm eager for some great responses to this. I'm sure the responses will help me respond with more details about my struggles.

All I want is to have a little enjoyment from playing the instrument I love so much! FRUSTRATING!

Thanks for reading...

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Hi Hawt400A

Sounds to me like you could do with two things. Maybe a few lessons from someone inspiring and get yourself in a band! If you get some regular lessons it makes a real difference to your motivation - especially if your paying for them. But getting your self in a band is a great way to learn songs and making sure you learn them all because if you don't the rest of the band are going to get very frustrated with you. But also - its great great fun and if you're loving playing then you will love it even more when you get to share the joy with others.

Good luck with it all.

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