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help a newbie

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Hi! I'm pretty new here, recently I got an acoustic guitar and I'm making progress :D . But here's the thing, there's this song that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to learn to play it at the guitar but I just can't find the it is : . I've found similar tabs, but none of them compare to the guy on the video's style.. Could anyone help me please? Can anyone hint the tabs maybe or..I don't know, I'm just a beginner but I really want to learn that song. Thank you for the help, this site is really nice :)

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I am not good a tabbing things out (well, it's time-consuming ... let's just put it that way) ... but .... if you take some time to learn open chords and bar chords, in about six months you should be able to come back and learn this one by ear. He starts off with bar chords (looks like at the 7th, 5th, and 3rd frets on the low E string) and then moves into some open chords (looks like A minor, C, and G). His picking technique can be learned by ear, too, as it's a relatively simple finger style, but again, it'll come to you with practice. Keep learning chords and you'll be playing stuff like this in no time.