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Luthiers in the uk?

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Im just browsing round looking at possibilities for a custom guitar made to my spec - anyone got URLs for electric guitar luthiers in the UK??

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Well, I would suggest a google of Gordon Smith, Bailey Guitars, Feline, but as your sig/profile pics are of the pointy shredomatic variety, I'd have a look at Grollman Guitars (the Ursa Major),Patrick Eggle, Rob Williams (via Regent Guitars), Manson Guitars, Tito Dalmedo Guitars - cant think of any more atm, hope these help. I suppose a lot depends on your budget. I have a Gordon SMith which is superb but its a very plain and simple, old school guitar (see my profile pic). If I think of any more I'll post them.

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A bloke at work has a relative or friend that does them, I'll ask him on Monday.
Guitarist mag has a few, , , , and others that have no website

found another