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My newest toy

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Well, as everybody here knows, I am constantly buying new toys. Truth is, I don't have much of a life outside of playing guitar, so that's where I spend practically all of my money. :D

For a long time folks have asked me for clips of my playing. I have submitted a few VERY POOR clips of my band in the past. I was very unhappy with the recordings and shouldn't even have submitted them (always put your best foot forward).

Anyway, I am rambling here, I decided to finally buy a piece of recording gear of my own. I looked at lots of different units and decided on the Zoom HD8CD:

Zoom HD8CD

For my purposes (and budget), this looked like the best recorder out there. I really don't want to use the computer to record, this unit looks pretty self contained. I like that it has a drum machine and bass guitar simulation. I liked the Boss BR600, but this has far more memory and can burn a CD as well.

Just ordered it tonight so I probably won't get it for a week or so, but when I do I will make some decent recordings and maybe post a few here. :D

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