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my strat has a buzz...
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my strat has a buzz. sos

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when my strat (american standard) is set on the neck pick up there is an annoying buzz, if i switch it down 1 notch to the center and neck pickups it stops... any info or remedy? can it be the amp... fender deville?

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There are a few things that can cause this. You can reduce the buzz that single coil pickups are prone to by screening or shielding the internal cavities with adhesive backed aluminium tape. If you have confidence and soldering skills its a fairly easy task. You need to remove the scratchplate and position it so that you can work easily. Then cut the aluminium tape into sections that will cover the entire surface, making sure there are no gaps anywhere and that all separate pieces of tape overlap. Have a long enough piece of wire so that you don't have to desolder it if you remove the scratchplate. By placing a few inch's of bare wire underneath a section of tape and make sure it makes a good connection. Solder the other end of the wire from the tape to a pot to complete the circuit.

Strat's are also notoriously in regard to pickup height settings. If the pickups are set too far from the strings, the sound will be weak and buzz. By implimenting both of these will reduce the " guitarnoise ".


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Backing off the tone a little helps on mine.

Thats the problem with Strats and other single coil guitars.
You can fit a Seymour duncan cool rails in the neck and that will obliterate the problem completely, but you will loose the beautiful Strat neck tone and it will be replaced with a much more fatter & rounded sound.
If you go to their website they used to have sound bytes of all their cool rails and hotrails. There maybe something you like there.

For me, I would rather keep the single coil.

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